To help you find more balance in your life, use the following exercise to evaluate what is important to you in life. You can then evaluate how much time you spend in these areas and the impact of too much or too little time. If you notice any discrepancies, consider what action you could take to bring your life into more balance.

How would you rate the following areas – note that some may be irrelevant or unimportant to you and you may need to add additional areas, such as working in the community. For each one of the areas rate it from 1–10 the following:

  • Importance: Rate it from 1–10, where 1 is not important at all and 10 is vitally important.
  • Current time (quantity and quality): Rate it from 1–10, where 1 is not at all and 10 is many hours.
  • What action is required to bring this into balance/increase happiness?
  • It may be helpful to reflect on Exercise 34 understanding your parts and make sure you have included all aspects of your subpersonalities.

Hobbies and interests

Involved in a variety of activities:

  • Include things you enjoy, are good at and feel you are progressing in. Also, ones you enjoy doing with people you like spending time with.


  • Physical health (good nutrition, drinking plenty of water, regular exercise – aerobic, flexibility and strength building, good quality of sleep etc.)
  • Emotional health (awareness, acknowledgement and expression versus repression, doing things that make you feel happy, having fun, taking responsibility for life as opposed to having a victim mentality etc)
  • Mental health (being mindful about thoughts, activities that relax and destress you, actively working on your journey, activities that help with focus, memory and concentration)
  • Spiritual health (prayer, chanting, meditation, yoga, reading, time in nature, gratitude, reflection time to work on self, finding inner peace and acceptance of self and others)

Family and friends

  • Partner
  • Wider family
  • Friends and general social life


  • Current studies/job
  • Future job or aspirations/building resume


Time for your passions, beliefs, causes, helping others, community, time on your own, etc.