“There is a much needed and precious thread of compassion in Natalie Read’s book ‘Being Human’. She offers the wealth and depth of her experience and knowledge as a counsellor and as a human being to create a kinder and mindful path forward for any of us (young or older adults) who may want to take steps towards understanding and addressing what may be affecting negatively our mental health. Through clear and succinct information, tailor made meditations and reflective practice activities this book has a wide appeal, and will become an important resource for the general public, mental health practitioners and educational and charitable organisations.”

Carmen Alfonso, Counsellor and Supervisor

About the Book

Working at the heart of mental health as a Counsellor, I watched with a growing concern the increasing demand for counselling as well as the increased complexity and severity of issues.  You can read more about why I decided to act in my blog or by visiting YouTube. My hope is that reading this book will help build happiness and self-confidence, and help manage mental health symptoms or prevent them from arising. 

Feedback from readers of various ages has been incredible (5 star reviews from Amazon to date*) and made me realise the importance of celebrating Being Human no matter who you are and what stage of life you’re at. With the challenges we face, I believe we need now more than ever, to accept and come to terms with who we are and the realities of life. It’s not a quick fix but a journey that offers greater happiness and odds of success, in comparison to strategies that attempt to control life or avoid difficulty. It’s easier to cope with change and adversity when you’re more in touch with your emotions, thoughts, physical body and inner wisdom.

The book combines a blend of psychology with a mind, body, spirit approach written in a language intended to appeal to any belief system. There are examples, exercises and access to 12 accompanying meditations. The book is structured into 3 parts which are outlined below: (*Oct 2020)   

Part 1

Includes common themes that arise in counselling sessions which help to normalise being human, feeling happier with yourself and building a more positive outlook. Understanding emotions, coping with life’s ups and downs, true versus false happiness, understanding relationships and how our subconscious stories become self-fulfilling.

Part 2

Is dedicated to the most common mental health difficulties including low mood and depression, anxiety, anger, self-esteem and relationships. There are exercises, examples and practical solutions to help address and prevent further difficulty. I also believe working with this book will help a broader range of mental health issues than those covered as it’s focused on the whole person rather than symptoms alone.

Part 3

Focuses on building a new approach towards happiness, resilience and self-love as well as how to embrace more peace in your life and strengthen your identity. How to feel more comfortable with who you are so you can cope better with difficulties, feel more balanced and attract more positive situations.

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The book includes a link to 12 guided meditations designed to support the material in the chapters at a greater depth.

Try this sample meditation from chapter 2 – The Beach. This meditation is a favourite from my meditation workshops for helping to relax and assist with sleep. 

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