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I’m a counsellor, spiritual coach and author with additional experience in organisational psychology, change management and executive coaching. I’ve been on a passionate quest over the last 25 years to bring peace, happiness and meaning to my own life and I draw on a breadth and depth of many different approaches to help you do the same. Find out more about my work here.

Why is focusing on Being Human so fundamental to happiness?

Being Human- the path to self-acceptance, resilience and happiness

In a world of increasing complexity, uncertainty and prevalence of mental health symptoms, there has never been a more important time than NOW to focus on embracing Being Human. Every time we ignore our feelings, live up to other people’s expectations or unrealistic ideas of happiness, try to control life, be perfect, avoid difficult emotions or challenges or, shy away from vulnerability, we are effectively denying who we are.

Whilst this is often well intended, these strategies are often ineffective and come with unhelpful side-effects. Conversely, working towards Being Human is about coming to terms with who you are and the reality of life. This involves more connection with yourself and learning to accept what is, rather than expectations of what life should be like. This can help you to have more happiness, self-confidence, resilience, more fulfilling and happier relationships with others as well as, helping to manage and prevent mental health symptoms.



After Counselling, most people experience greater self-awareness and feeling more confident and positive about the future.

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I'm Natalie

I’m a counsellor, spiritual coach and author of Being Human – the path to self-acceptance, resilience and happiness. My passion is to help others find peace and happiness in their lives. Whilst it’s natural to focus on managing symptoms and difficulties, I believe wholeheartedly in working towards self-acceptance and self-love in order to obtain long-lasting and fundamental change. This approach I believe leads to more connection with yourself, connection to others, opens up more possibilities, unravels potential and provides a richer, more fulfilling and meaningful life. I also offer support and solutions to help manage symptoms whilst you journey towards this.


“Create a life that feels good on the inside not just one that looks good on the outside.”


I wrote this book in response to the growing mental health crisis that we face today – increasing numbers, complexity and severity of cases, alongside stretched resources. I draw on my counselling and coaching experience blended with a mind, body, spirit approach to offer a broader range of solutions to today’s problems, in a language intended to appeal to any belief system. I hope that reading this book will offer the reader opportunities for more happiness, self-confidence and resilience as well as helping to manage and prevent mental health symptoms. I’m also advocating the importance of shifting the focus from crisis to prevention of mental health difficulties, especially where mental health resources are limited and early intervention is important.  

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