Workshops with Natalie Read

I run a number of one-off or modular workshops with a blend of psychology and mind, body, spirit approaches.

Recent events include:


4-part workshop designed to help you find your own unique style of meditation. Each week provides information, practice of various techniques and a guided meditation along themes including: reducing stress and anxiety, increasing health and well-being, increasing connection to self and increasing connection to others.

Benefits from the course:

  • Identify your unique meditation plan that will work for you rather than a one size fits all
  • Understand and experience the benefits of meditation and mindfulness
  • Learn techniques to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve your awareness of your body on a physical and emotional level
  • Practice developing a connection to your inner wisdom and gain insights into how to bring about positive changes in your life
  • Understand and experience how meditation can help with your relationship with yourself and others
  • Self-coaching tool to help you make meditation part of your everyday life

Next workshop: November 2020 via zoom

Personal and spiritual growth

3-part workshop for those wanting to explore their spiritual side and bring more balance and positivity to their life. Includes exploration of meaning and purpose, understanding spiritual laws, techniques and meditations to help you overcome blocks and attract more positive situations. Includes 3 themes:

  • Living in the present – Balancing body, mind and spirit with healthy routines
  • Working on the past – clearing blocks and obstacles and self-healing
  • Embracing a positive future – tools to support proactive change

Next workshop: Spring 2021


Reducing anxiety, embracing peace

3-part workshop for those wanting to explore different techniques to understand and manage their anxiety as well as focusing on finding more peace in life. Includes self-reflection, techniques and meditations. Includes 3 themes:

  • Understanding your anxiety- fight or flight, identifying triggers and patterns
  • Managing anxiety – techniques to help with symptoms
  • Focusing on peace – techniques to bring about peace and well-being

Being Human Program

a combination of one-to-one and group sessions for those wanting to work with the material in the book at a deeper level whilst supported by a facilitated group.

Excellent. Life-changing

Empowering and strengthening. Really enjoyed it


Loved the whole thing. Natalie is a natural and instils belief

It’s made me consider things, provided me with some really interesting insights into myself and made me want to explore me and spirituality further

It’s made a huge difference to me over the last couple of weeks. You clearly care a lot about what you do and the people you help

Incredible. It surpassed my expectations

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